The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Food or Healthy Diet

Following a healthy diet may seem difficult, but it is important to lead a healthy life. Healthy food consists of high quality protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water which are very important for us. Therefore it is necessary to consider it for better health. Let us know what is good food for health and what are the benefits of healthy food.

What is Healthy Food and Healthy Diet?

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A healthy food means foods that contain high-quality protein, carbohydrates, heart-healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. A healthy food can not only help in maintaining good health, but helps to maintain weight, reduce fatigue, stay away from diseases and live longer.

A healthy diet means foods that are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, iron, proteins. Diets that work to keep you healthy and keep you away from diseases.

Healthy Food List

Healthy food that work to keep you healthy and keep you away from diseases. A healthy food can be divided into five categories such as:

  1. Green vegetables and beans
  2. Fruit
  3. Milk Products
  4. Grain
  5. fish and meat

Now let us tell you about some nutritious healthy diet that you can include in your everyday diet and keep yourself healthy.

Vegetables For Healthy Diet

Vegetables For Healthy Diet, The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Food or Healthy Diet, natural value of vegetables

Many people don’t like green vegetables in their food but they forget how much they can benefit from them. Vitamins, calcium, minerals, antioxidant properties present in vegetables protect the body from many serious diseases, apart from obesity, heart disease. Green vegetables must be included in the daily diet for a healthy life.

Nutritional value of vegetables:

NamecaloriesProtein (Gram)Calcium (mg)Iron (mg)Vitamin C (mg)
Spinach greens262.07310.928
Drumstick leaf926.74407.0220
Coriander leaves443.318418.5135

Importance of Green Vegetables:

  • Leafy green vegetables are essential for proper growth and good health of the body, as it contains all the necessary nutrients.
  • Leafy vegetables are fermented. Iron deficiency can cause anemia, which is common in pregnant lactating women.
  • Eating green leafy vegetables in daily diet helps prevent anemia. It is also beneficial for health.
  • Calcium, beta carotene and vitamin C are also found in green leafy vegetables.
  • Children under the age of five mostly become blind due to vitamin A deficiency. The carotene present in green leafy vegetables is converted into vitamin A in the body, which can prevent blindness.
  • It is inappropriate to cook them for too long to preserve vitamin C in green vegetables, because the nutrients that provide strength to the gums are destroyed by over-cooking.
  • Vitamin B complex is also found in green vegetables. Green leafy vegetables are 100 grams per day for adult women, 40 grams for adult men, 50 grams for underage children (4-6 years) and 50 grams daily for children above 10 years of age. 

Benefits Of A Fruit Diet

Benefits Of A Fruit Diet, The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Food or Healthy Diet, Vegetables For Healthy Diet, The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Food or Healthy Diet, natural value of vegetables

A fruit diet is also very important for health like vegetables. Be it diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol or weight loss, fruits will help you. Among fruits, apples, oranges, bananas, mangoes and any one or two fruits of your choice, you must include in your food routine. But keep in mind that fruits should be consumed in balanced quantities.

We need a healthy diet for good health. But for the fulfillment of a healthy diet one cannot depend on grains alone. You can use fresh fruits as a nutritious food as they are nutritious as well as tasty. You can easily incorporate these into your diet, as they become readily available and do not require much preparation to eat.

A fruit diet contains lots of vitamins. Mango and papaya are abundant in “carotene”. Amla and guava are the main sources of vitamin ‘C’. Apart from this, vitamin C is also found in plum, lemon, tomato, papaya and annas. Vitamin ‘A’ and Vitamin ‘C’ keep eyes and gums healthy respectively. Spun fruits contain only protein and vasa but they are the main source of minerals and salts. For a balanced diet, it is necessary to have 90 grams per day in the food. Let us know about fruits used as a healthy diet.

Apple for diet :

Apple for diet, apple along with fiber and vitamin C, a good amount of various types of antioxidants are present in the apple. If you feel hungry even after eating, then apple can be a good option for you.

Apples can be eaten directly or can also be part of a fruit salad. There are countless advantages to adopting it regularly. You can adopt another method to make it part of your diet and that method is by using it as a juice.

  • Apples are rich in antioxidants. The polyphenols and flavonoids found in it are very beneficial for heart health.
  • Alkalinity present in apple fruit helps in purification of the liver.
  • It has the unique property of lowering cholesterol levels.
  • Apples contain a balanced amount of vitamin C as well as iron and boron.
  • Apple is a unique fruit that has the ability to fight terrible diseases like tumors and cancer. Because the flavonoids and phenolic acids found in it have the properties of protecting the tumor body.
  • Apples have a lot of properties to benefit hair and skin. It is highly effective in hiding the effect of age on the body.

Apples are full of essential nutrients and this is why most health experts recommend eating an apple every day.

Avocado in diet

Avocado in diet – Avocado is scientifically called Persia americana. This particular fruit is believed to have originated in southern Mexico and Colombia about seven thousand years ago. It was also named Alligator Pierce, based on its size. It has many varieties worldwide, of which Haas avocado is the most popular. Haas avocado is the most special in terms of nutrients. Therefore, it is cultivated in many countries of the world.

The number of avocado eaters has increased a lot these days. This pear shaped fruit is not only tasty but also nutritious. Therefore, it is mentioned more in the context of the diet chart. Many varieties of avocado are available, but its cream varieties are very popular. So let’s learn about its benefits-

Health benefits of avocado :

Health benefits of avocado, Vegetables For Healthy Diet, The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Food or Healthy Diet, natural value of vegetables

Health Benefits of Avocado :

  1. Bad breath problems:- Due to poor digestion of food or stomach troubles, the mouth starts to stink many times. In this way, the antibacterial and anti-oxidant flavonoids found in avocados destroy the bacteria of the group. This brings freshness in the breath. Being rich in fiber, it also relieves indigestion problems.
  2. Keep heart healthy:- Avocado is found to contain beta-sitosterol, which helps in lowering cholesterol. This keeps the heart healthy.
  3. Useful in arthritis:- Avocado has anti-inflammatory properties, which is very useful in the treatment of arthritis. It also helps in reducing inflammation of tissues, joints, muscles.
  4. Cancer prevention:- Avocado also reduces the risks of many cancers, including breast cancer, prostate cancer. Avocado contains carotenoids mono unsaturated fat, which plays an important role in reducing cancer risk. It also contains anti-oxidant glutathione, which protects cells from free radicals with dangerous effects.

Avocado Nutrients :

Avocado Nutrients contains 20 types of vitamins and minerals, which help in normalizing blood pressure. Avocado is believed to be a good source of vitamin B, which gives the body the strength to fight infection.

  • Avocado Nutrients Makes liver strong:- According to a research, avocado protects the liver from many diseases. It contains some organic compounds, which help in making the liver strong. It also contains many soluble and insoluble fiber, which helps in digestion.

Pay attention to these things:- Avocado reduces cholesterol levels. Therefore, excessive intake of it can be harmful. Many people are allergic to it. Due to the high amount of calories in avocado, many people avoid eating it. Excessive intake of it may also cause problems like vomiting, nausea, nausea, stomach upset. Therefore, it is better to consume it in small amounts and if you are in any doubt, then take the advice of an expert.

Oranges for healthy diet

Orange is a seasonal fruit which is very popular due to its taste and qualities and the benefits and qualities of orange are beneficial for us. Oranges contain many nutrients which are beneficial for our health. Today we are going to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of eating orange.

It does not contain fat, sodium or cholesterol. Orange is beneficial for diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity. Oranges are very low in calories.

Oranges health benefits :

Oranges health benefits :

  1. Its nutrients are beneficial for healthy skin.
  2. Orange contains abundant amounts of various nutrients. Its great feature is that it contains very low calories.
  3. There is no saturated fat or cholesterol in orange. Conversely, eating it provides dietary fiber which helps in removing harmful substances from the body.
  4. Orange acts as a tonic for digestive systems.
  5. Orange has the highest amount of vitamin C. It is a citrus fruit and these types of fruits are good sources of vitamin C.
  6. Orange is a natural antioxidant and enhances immunity.
  7. Vitamin A beneficial for the eyes is found in good quantity in it.
  8. It is also a source of vitamin B complex which increases the amount of hemoglobin.
  9. Apart from vitamins, oranges also provide minerals like potassium and calcium.
  10. It regulates heart rate and blood pressure and makes bones strong.
  11. Orange has anti inflammatory properties and it helps in maintaining electrolyte balance in our body.

My opinion, It is best to eat any fruit in natural form, but you can also take it as juice.

Benefits of oranges juice :

Orange is most commonly taken as juices. If a glass of orange juice is taken regularly, it acts like an all round automatic protector of health. It has both short-term and long-term benefits. Apart from protecting against diseases, it is also helpful in removing them.

Oranges contain a lot of nutrients, including vitamin C in sufficient amounts. Vitamin C is very important for healthy skin. It corrects skin damage caused by sun’s heat and radiation. It is also required for collagen production. Vitamin C helps in the overall health of the skin along with reducing the wrinkles of the skin.

Strawberries benefits for your health

Strawberry is a plant and its fruit is very healthy and beneficial for our health. Medicines are made using strawberry leaves and fruits. As a result, strawberry is also considered as ayurvedic medicine. Strawberry contains vitamin A, C, D, E, K vitamin B1, B2, B3, B12 iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and many other nutrients.

It can prevent health related diseases, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, jaundice, etc. Strawberry enhances metabolism by cleaning the blood. It helps in preventing menstruation and reducing weight.

Strawberries for skin :

Strawberry is beneficial for our skin due to excess of Vitamin C. For oily skin, face mask can be prepared using Stobbery. Strawberry nourishes and revitalizes the skin. Strawberries are acidic which helps in removing excess sebum from the skin. Acne scars can be reduced by using strawberry juice. Strawberries have antioxidant properties that slow down the aging process and prevent damage from sun radiation.

Being vitamin C, it produces more collagen in the skin, which causes stretch in the skin. Collagen gets destroyed with age and wrinkles on the face, so eat fruits full of vitamin C. It is good for skin. Many skin care products available in the market such as face wash, anti-aging cream and moisturizer have strawberry extract And Essence happens. This is because the fruit is rich in flavonoids and vitamins. These elements prevent wrinkles on your skin by fighting free radicals and make the skin healthy.

Blueberries for healthy diet

Blueberries is a blue colored fruit that is round and small in size. This fruit in taste is sour sweet. Blueberries have many medicinal properties, and it is extremely beneficial for health. Its scientific name is “Ribosome to Vaccineium”. It contains a variety of vitamins that help in fighting many diseases. It’s good for your skin, hair or health. Blueberries mainly founds in the Northern Hemispheres.

Blueberries health benefits :

  • Blueberries contain calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, magnes, zinc, vitamin K. All these elements are helpful in maintaining the bone strong, maintaining the structure and maintaining the elasticity of the bone.
  • Vitamin C found in it is helpful in the formation of collagen. This is why blueberries prevent wrinkles, making the person feel young for a long time. Helping to reduce skin stains. Prevents acne. Reduces stain spots on the face. Also, dust torturing, smoking and UV rays reduces skin damage. Blueberries retains the freshness of the skin.
  • Blueberries contain fiber and antioxidants and it helps to lower cholesterol. This property makes blueberries an ideal diet. Potassium, calcium and magnesium found in it help to reduce blood pressure.
  • It is rich in fibre, it is the essential food for a diabetic, it lowers blood sugar levels. Blueberry leaves contain anthocyanidines. It performs metabalism smoothly, and extends glucose to all organs of the body. This maintains the balance of sugar in the blood. Thus it is extremely beneficial for the diabetic patient.
  • Blueberry atherosclerosis helps to prevent heartattack and stroke. It contains fibre anthocyanin, potassium, folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Fibre and anthocyanin reduce cholesterol, improve blood fat. Vitamin B6 and folate protect scarce blood vesils from damage, which leads to the formation of homo cystin and potassium control the muscles of the heart. A blood clot in the veins is likely to cause heartattack. It reduces the chances of heart attacks .
  • Blueberries are extremely beneficial for cancer patients, and vitamin C and copper, found in anthocyanin and antioxidants, have been very helpful in preventing and curing dangerous diseases like cancer.

Dairy Products For Healthy Diet

Dairy Products For Healthy Diet, The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Food or Healthy Diet, Vegetables For Healthy Diet, The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Food or Healthy Diet, natural value of vegetables

Milk contains many nutrients such as calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B12, potassium, magnesium, zinc. Milk works to strengthen bones and prevent diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, blood pressure.

Full-fat dairy products are considered the best. Studies show that people who eat full-fat dairy products have a lower risk of obesity and diabetes type 2. If you use dairy products from grass fed cows then it is even more beneficial for you.

Nutrition for whole milk :

Milk is a food in which all the substances are present in sufficient and appropriate quantity, hence it is called almost complete food. Only iron and copper are mineral salts which are nutritionally deficient.

  • Milk is a tasty and interesting food item. Having more than 80% water in it calms the appetite by filling the stomach.
  • Milk and all milk substances are easily digested.
  • One liter of milk provides about 800 calories of energy.
  • Along with having sufficient amount of all the ingredients in milk, there is a proper proportion or balance among them, so that their use is maximized by the body.
  • Nutrients present in milk are present in such a physical state that they are easily absorbed by the digestive system.

Is whole milk good for you?

Many people even ask this question, is whole milk good for you? So know the answer – 

  • Cow’s milk is very beneficial for the intellectual development of a child or person.
  • Consuming cow’s milk daily is beneficial for TB patients. At the same time, the consumption of cow’s milk on a regular night also provides strength for the elderly.
  • Cow’s milk is very beneficial for all bile related problems. It provides fast and ooze to the body and also relieves gas problems.
  • In the case of rickets or rickets in children, using cow’s milk with almonds acts like a medicine. It is helpful in increasing blood cells.
  • Cow’s milk can be used to enhance the beauty of the face. Massage on the face of raw cow’s milk
  • By doing this, the skin is fair, shiny and spotless.
  • The yellow substance found in cow’s milk is carotene, which increases the light of the eyes and also enhances the beauty of the eyes.
  • Cow’s milk acts like nectar in dealing with cancer, TV, cholera and many other serious diseases. It is the only substance capable of providing complete nutrition to children.
  • Cow’s milk is effective in reducing poison and its effect due to drugs and harmful chemicals.

Vitamin A is found in sufficient quantity in it. And its use provides benefits in chronic fever, mental diseases, stomach diseases, heart diseases and vaginal diseases.

Healthy cheese to eat :

The cheese used as dairy products is very nutritious. It is believed that one piece of cheese is equal to 1 cup of milk. It is one of the most delicious foods that you can include in your diet.

Cheese is known as the healthiest and useful diet for our body. Cottage cheese is not yeast-like, as is conventionally available. This traditional cheese being more beneficial and healthier, is used in more quantity than cottage cheese. This cheese is made by milk or milk products such as yogurt.

Health benefits of cheese :

Cheese is helpful in keeping teeth healthy. It acts like a protective shield around the teeth. Mineral elements protect the tooth enamel from lactic acid present in the mouth. It contains elements like calcium, phosphorus, makes teeth strong and healthy for a long time and prevents teeth from deteriorating.

Cheese is rich in protein. It is helpful in making muscle as well as in weight control. To lose weight, you can easily eat two to three servings of low fat cheese a day by eating a low diet in calories. This keeps your weight under control.

Cheese contains good micro bacteria, which helps in keeping the intestines healthy. Cheese is beneficial in boosting the metabolic process and eliminating digestive problems. Vitamin-B12 zinc and bacteria present in it are helpful in keeping the digestive system smooth. Cheese is rich in saturated fat, which keeps the body healthy and gives energy. It contains omega 3, 6 and amino acids beneficial for the brain.

Cheese also makes bones strong. The vitamin B present in it carries calcium throughout the body and vitamin-D helps to store calcium in bones, which strengthens bones. In addition, cheese reduces the risk of osteoporosis in elderly people. It is a type of bone disease, increasing the risk of fracture.

Cheese builds and rebuilds the cells of the body. Metabolism is also cured by this. It is also beneficial for bones.

Yogurt for healthy diet :

Yogurt is made from milk. Containing living bacteria. Besides the added benefits of probiotic bacteria, which are considered good for our body, yogurt helps in providing the same health benefits as milk. Yogurt is used in every household. But do you know that there are many types of nutritional elements in yogurt, which benefits the body by eating.

Curd contains calcium, protein, vitamin. Yogurt is more beneficial to health than milk. Curd has a higher calcium content than milk. Apart from this, protein, lactose, iron, phosphorus are found in yogurt. Let us tell you how beneficial yogurt is to your body.

Yogurt benefits :

Calcium is found in plenty in yogurt which is very beneficial for bones. Eating curd also strengthens teeth. Yogurt is also helpful in fighting diseases like osteoporosis (joint disease).

  • Curd is very beneficial for the stomach. Constipation is cured by drinking celery mixed with curd.
  • Yogurt is used to avoid heat stroke. Curd should be drunk after sunstroke.
  • Drinking curd increases digestibility and hunger is also good.
  • Due to cold and cough, respiratory tract infection occurs. Curd should be used to avoid this infection.
  • This is a very good home recipe for mouth ulcers. If there are blisters in the mouth, the blisters are eliminated by rinse with curd.
  • Consumption of curd can prevent coronary artery disease in the heart. Cholesterol can be reduced in the body by regular intake of yogurt.
  • Applying curd on the face makes the skin soft and improves the skin. If the face is massaged with curd, it works like bleach. It is also used as a conditioner in hair.
  • Curd should be rubbed after the sunburns on the skin in summer, it benefits from sunburn and tan.
  • Curd should be used to remove dryness of the skin. Applying curd on the face with olive oil and lemon juice ends face dryness.
  • Curd and buttermilk made from it are used in more quantity during summer season. Because drinking buttermilk and lassi calms the stomach heat. By consuming yogurt daily, the body’s ability to fight against diseases increases.

Grains for healthy diet

Grains are the mainstay of human life. We and all of you consume plenty of grains. But it is not appropriate to use all grains simultaneously. Some cereal grains are good for our health, while some are very good for health. some food have contain balanced amounts of carbohydrates. For this reason, Physician is advised to eat low carbohydrate foods.

Grains and Grains products like rice, wheat, oatmeal, corn, brown rice are considered essential for health. They work to supply energy in the body and protect you from diseases. Therefore it is important that you include bread, rice and other cereal products in your daily diet.

Fish and meat for healthy diet

If you are a non-vegetarian then you must have consumed fish, chicken and meat. But do you know that all three have different benefits of eating?

Fish for healthy diet :

Fish is classified as white mutton which is considered the best type of mutton.

  • People who consume fish regularly are less at risk of getting cancer because omega 3 fatty acids are found in the fish which protects against cancer.
  • Eating fish increases your memory and makes you have a faster brain. This also creates new brain cells.
  • It contains good cholesterol which protects your heart, so that you do not have the problem of blood pressure.
  • You must have often seen that people who are prone to stress and depression, doctors recommend taking fish oil tablets but if you consume fish then you do not need to take capsules.
  • Its intake also works on your stress and anxiety.
  • If your digestive system is also a little weak then you can consume fish as it is very easy to digest.

Chicken for healthy diet :

  • Chicken has a little bit of fat and a lot of protein, which is necessary to make your muscles strong.
  • Nutrients like Vitamin B5 are found in good amount in chicken, it calms the body from inside and relieves you of stress.
  • The amount of calcium in chicken is sufficient, which makes your bones strong.
  • Those who make muscles must take it.
  • Chicken meat does not take long to digest, if your digestive system is good, then you can consume it.

Mutton for healthy diet :

  • Mutton is considered as rate mutton, it has enough iron in it which helps in reducing blood loss in the body.
  • If you want to lose weight, then the mutton of goat can benefit you a lot.
  • Because the protein in it works to suppress the appetite, but for this you have to consume small amounts of it.
  • Goat mutton is beneficial for the heart and at the same time it also improves the functioning of the brain.
  • Goat mutton suits those people whose digestive system is strong because its meat takes some time to digest.

Through this article you have come to know how good food is important for health. Always remember that what you eat will result in your health. Now you will know many things about healthy food. So, if till now you were unaware of healthy diet, then know about it and include it in your diet. Apart from this, if you also have information or list of nutritious food, which is not mentioned here, then you must share it with us in the comment box.

Pay attention:

The contents of this articles is for informational and educationals purposess only. Consult a doctor for advice, treatment or diagnosis.