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About us

Hai, here you can find all types of iti fitter multiple questions and answers, iti fitter latest government and private jobs, current affairs, important gk, competitive exams previous year question paper, Motivational Articles, Blogs, practice materials, and all you need about iti fitter.

Who I am?

Hello friends, My name is Gokul Baragi and I am a student as well as a professional blogger, I realized that getting a good job in government or private companies mostly required theory knowledge about trade, GK and good information. So I’ve developed a blog website that can help everyone get a better career., I live in Odisha state of India. I have recently completed my education. My passion is giving you a better information so you will find a variety of educational information and much more in this blog. 

I am trying my best to serve you with the best information in the easiest way so that, you can learn more out or it. If you have any suggestion then, feel free to ping me up. I will surely improve it and serve you with the best. Feel free to contact us for any questions you can contact us directly via- send email suggestions and feedback on – contact@itifitter.com