5G Home Internet Started in USA, Learn What’s Its Feature

5G Home Internet Started in USA, Learn What's Its Feature

5G Home Internet Started in USA

5G Home Internet Service started in the USA in October. Verizon has become the world’s first 5G internet service provider. In the United States of Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento, it is currently getting super fast WiFi service. The company says that consumers of 5G service will get around 300 Mbps and maximum one GBps internet speed. 

Verizon pre-ordered the service one month before giving 5G service. Installation of service started on October 1. Verizon says that he was working on a 5G home internet service for a year. Verizon has kept the 5G home internet service free for three months for its customers. Then the company will get $ 50 (3,703.53) from its subscribers and $ 70 for new customers, as well as the company

5G internet service

About the world’s first commercial 5G network, there is a competition in tech companies from around the world. In such a way, the move to launch the Verizon Company’s 5G home internet is considered important. Verizon claims that it will also provide 5G internet service for mobile users by next year. On the other hand, many other companies are engaged in creating a network supporting 5G mobile. Not only this, hardware manufacturer Huai and Geo also talked about working on a 5G smartphone.

5G internet works like this

Millimeter Wave has been used primarily in the 5G internet service technology. This is a special kind of radio wave, due to which the technology of 5G internet connection has been possible. These millimeter waves reduce any kind of process or work distance. Also, these waves are going to work very far, due to this, the network provider, Verizon, will be able to provide Gigabit speed without any wire.